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Owning a property that is prone to subsidence, landslip or heave (where the site moves upwards or sideways) is a problem that affects many homeowners. Insuring houses affected by such problems, or those located in an area known to have foundational complications, can be expensive and challenging. Even if the subsidence issue has been resolved for years, many insurers are reluctant to provide cover for this type of property, and if they do so the premiums areinordinately high.

The Network Trade Insurance name is synonymous with non-standard insurance; we deliver tailor-made solutions to suit the individual needs of each customer, whatever their circumstances may be. By routinely providing high quality, affordable cover for properties affected by subsidence, we are now recognised as a leading broker in this often-tricky market.

Network Trade Insurance understands that each property is unique, for this reason we recommend you contact us direct to give as much detailed information as possible so we can identify the best, most affordable solution for you. Call us today or drop us a line via email; an expert is waiting to hear from you.

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