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The Motor trade road risks policy is designed to provide customers with a facility to drive numerous vehicles in connection with their Motor trading activity, however in order to govern these risks there are numerous conditions on each policy in order that company guidelines are met and adhered to.

Vehicles covered are described in the following two sections:

  • Any motor vehicle the property of the insured.
  • Any motor vehicle held in trust by or in the custody or control of the insured for motor trade purposes.

There are still numerous restrictions and exclusions that need to be noted, and these will differ with various insurers.

Examples of normally accepted vehicles are:

  • Average family saloons/Estates/Hatchbacks.
  • Light commercial vehicles (Usually under 3.5 tonnes GVW).

Vehicles that need closer discussion are:

  • Sports & performance vehicles.
  • Breakdown recovery vehicles.
  • Classic cars/vehicles (Generally over 25 years old).
  • Modified vehicles (especially performance enhancing modifications).
  • Vehicles not manufactured for the UK market (Grey imports).
  • Motorcycles.
  • Commercial vehicles between 3.5 & 7.5 tonnes GVW.
  • Caravanettes or Motorhomes.
  • American/Canadian vehicles.
  • Vehicles previously “categorised” ( A,B,C,D & X) usually after an accident.

Vehicles that are generally excluded are:

  • Heavy goods vehicles.
  • Vehicles with a seating capacity exceeding 8 (including the driver).
  • Agricultural vehicles.

If your own personal vehicle is considerably more valuable than the vehicles you intend to trade in, then you must consider insuring it separately. Including it will merely increase the premium to accommodate its higher value when it may be far cheaper on a separate policy – we will still allow your no claims bonus if you do this.

Note also that your spouses vehicles are not necessarily covered automatically, please make sure that we are aware of who owns what vehicle.

If your business premises are away from the home and you are looking for comprehensive cover, a combined motor trade policy maybe a more beneficial option. Click here for details.

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