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If you have a number of vehicles, be they cars or all different kinds of vehicles, it is quite likely that you are buying cover from a number of different companies in order to find yourself the best deal.

Insuring several different vehicles at a time can be a hassle, which is exactly why NTI offers various multi—vehicle policies.

Network Trade Insurance differs from conventional insurance brokers, who can generally only cover one vehicle under each policy; instead we are able to centralise your insurance cover for numerous vehicles under one single policy, covering all your vehicles at once.

Regardless of the vehicle type you need to cover, if you choose our multi-vehicle policy you’ll enjoy the usual Network Trade Insurance competitive premium while also cutting down on the inconvenience of separately insuring every vehicle.

When the number of vehicles is greater than the amount of drivers you are insuring, this is when you really begin to save see a significant saving.

Advantages of our multi-vehicle policy:

  • Competitive premium
  • Radical reduction in paperwork
  • A single renewal date
  • The facility to include new vehicles after 6 months without this affecting the original renewal date
  • Lower premiums than those charged by companies offering similar policies

Because Network Trade Insurance is adept in the field of multi-vehicle insurance, insuring with us brings with it additional advantages; for example being fully insured – not just third party insurance – for the times that you end up behind the wheel of a car or vehicle that is not your own.

No matter whether you have several regular cars or an assortment of many different types of road vehicle, our multi-vehicle policy can make sure you are covered under one single policy.

Network Trade Insurance is generally able to provide cover for these vehicles:

  • Everyday cars
  • Motorbikes, Quad Bikes & Trikes
  • Cars that have been modified in some way
  • Cars brought to UK from overseas
  • Sports cars
  • Luxury cars
  • Classic cars
  • Classic bikes
  • Motorhomes
  • Vans and pickups
  • Horseboxes
  • Other less common vehicle types

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If your business premises are away from the home and you are looking for comprehensive cover, a combined motor trade policy maybe a more beneficial option. Click here for details.


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