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Temporary Car Insurance

Network Trade Insurance temporary car insurance allows you to drive a vehicle for up to 28 days, safe in the knowledge that you are fully protected.
You’ll find that most car insurance policies will offer you year-long cover and that can be ideal for many drivers. However, if you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need to be able to drive for a only a short period of time, temporary car insurance can be a cheaper and easier option for you.
Temporary car insurance is well-suited to those who drive infrequently or those who need to be able to drive another car for a short time. With this type of cover, you will:

  • Be covered to drive a car, van, motorhome, or classic car from 1 - 28 days.
  • Need to be aged 21-75 (in most areas).
  • Be able to get insurance on cars, vans, motorhomes, and classic cars.
  • Be able to add a temporary driver to your vehicle without affecting the annual policy or NCD.
  • Have the option to acquire breakdown cover and European cover.

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You must:
  • Hold a current, valid, full UK, EU/EAA, Australian or New Zealand driving licence, and have done so for at least 12 months.
  • Be aged 21 years or over (note: minimum age may vary depending on vehicle).
  • Have had no motoring offence involving alcohol or drugs, careless, dangerous or reckless driving or taking a vehicle without consent in the last 3 years. This includes all convictions with the Conviction Offence Code prefixes DR, CD, DD, UT or IN.
  • Have had no disqualifications in the last 3 years.
  • Have had no more than 2 fault claims in any 3 year period.
  • Have no more than 8 penalty points.
  • Have not been convicted within the last 5 years of any offence relating to fraud, robbery, theft or handling stolen goods including any pending prosecution or police enquiry.
  • Only use the car for social, domestic and pleasure purposes or business use by the policyholder excluding the carriage of passengers or goods for hire or reward.
  • Not be using this insurance for the purpose of removing an impounded vehicle from a compound.

The vehicle must:

  • Be registered in Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man.
  • Have a current market value of less than £60,000.
  • Have no more than 8 seats (including the driver's seat).
  • Not have been imported (i.e. It must not be a ‘grey’ import, such as a Mazda Xedos, nor must it have been ‘personally’ imported).
  • Not be used to carry hazardous goods.
  • Not be used or driven at any hazardous location.
  • Not be owned by, and/or hired out by, any Vehicle Rental or Hire company.
  • Not be modified (please note manufacturer specified optional extras fitted at the time of manufacture ARE acceptable).

Please note
Above are only a small section of the conditions for purchasing short term insurance. These conditions are liable to change. Please read the full Terms & Conditions document available during the quotation and purchase process.

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